Looking for Snap Inventory? We've changed our name to tookstock!

Be your customers' favorite supplier.

We’re helping businesses and their suppliers achieve efficient, integrated supply chains.

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Put your product catalog at the heart of your customer's operations

Increase sales and improve retention by offering frictionless purchasing and inventory tracking to your customers

Improve forecasting accuracy with aggregated, realtime customer inventory data

Connect even your smallest customers’ data to your existing systems without costly integration work

Message your customers about discounts, promotions, and more

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Your business used to be exciting, now it's excel.

It's time to retire the spreadsheet.

Prevent stock shortages and uncontrolled spending by managing inventory and purchasing seamlessly in one place

Unlock frictionless, automated ordering to achieve consistently optimal inventory levels

Upgrade your operations with purchasing controls, 3rd party integrations and more

We handle the inventory setup, so your staff can start saving time and hassle immediately

See how Tookstock can drive sales and transform operations for you and your customers.

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